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Simplified and primal dual weak Galerkin methods for some engineering applications

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报告人: 刘玉洁 鹏城实验室

直播时间: 2020年7月26日上午 9: 30

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Numerical simulation of industrial applications often involve complex typologies and multi-scale multi-physics phenomenon, which are known to be challenging. Some simplified weak Galerkin Methods (SWG) and primal dual weak Galerkin methods (PDWG) have been proposed and studied recently. These methods either have less degrees of freedom or dedicated to low regularity problems, are conservative, simple and user-friendly in computer implementation on polygonal meshes, thus ease engineering applications. Numerical theories such as the stability, discrete maximum principle (DMP) and optimal order of error estimates have been established and verified by numerical experiments. These numerical methods will be further extended and applied to solve more realistic multi-physics problems.

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